Chef Michael G
Chef Michael G
Real. Good. Food.

Chef Michael G is breaking the barriers of food with his academic approach to the culinary arts.

I strive to understand the WHY component of cooking; whether that be the technique, the ingredient or the process to create something new and exciting!

Having dedicated his time towards a promising career in Mathematical Biology, where he was pursuing his PhD in Computational Science, Chef Michael G realized his true passion within food after competing on MasterChef Canada.

Throughout his years growing up, Chef Michael G could always be found in the kitchen. Whether it was at a young age sitting on the counter stirring food for his mom, hanging out with the adults in the kitchens because he was the youngest or asking his university roommates to empty the kitchen so he could take over! Chef Michael G loves food, seriously! Ask him what his special birthday dinner request is…it’s a guaranteed laugh!

Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great!

~ Chef Gusteau - Ratatouille

In under a year, Chef Michael G has become well recognized for his Experiential Private Culinary Events, Corporate Catering, a regular TV Personality, a Celebrity Travel Chef, avid Public Speaker, Live Food Demonstrator and Culinary Creator. He takes pride in changing the Chef experience by adding a unique value to your special event!

Oven Roasted

chef /SHef/

NOUN a professional cook, typically the chief or head cook.

ORIGIN early 19th cent.: French, literally ‘head.’

Chef Michael G is always interested in sharing his love and passion for food. If you’re excited to cook, eat, join us and hear more about Chef Michael G and what he’s doing, then sign up below…