Ribs using The 2-1-2 Method

Alright, pitmasters for years have convinced you all that making delicious BBQ ribs is an impossible feat unless slow cooked for many many hours and even still you just cannot achieve that delicious fall of the bone texture at home. It’s a simple technique and here’s how…


  • Rack of Pork Back Ribs

  • Your favourite BBQ spice rub

  • Your favourite BBQ sauce



  1. Using the 2-1-2 method I will show you how to make the best fall off the bone ribs you've ever had. Start by removing the silver skin from the back of the ribs. To do this, use a butter knife to slide under the skin across one of the bones. This is the silver skin. Using your hands pull this off the entire back side.

  2. Rub your ribs with your favourite rub all over, generously.

  3. Place on an indirect BBQ set to 250 F- 275 F. This is step 1: leave it for 2 hours.

  4. For the next 1 hour, remove your ribs and wrap them tightly in tin foil. Return to BBQ and let them grill again in tin foil for 1 hour. This creates steam and tender meat.

  5. Last 2 hours, remove from the tin foil and place back on BBQ. Baste in your BBQ sauce approximately every 30 minutes until glazed, delicious and fall of the bone amazing!

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